Markets – past and present

Germany, Austria and Switzerland as we experience them nowadays are the result of many centuries of busy farming and traditional settling. In the course of time the efforts of many generations have created a remarkable cultural landscape. Today the countries are situated in the heart of the continent; being the open minded yet traditional centre of political Europe. Many customs have survived and are a vivid part of everyday life. We find them on our plates, when delicious regional dishes are served, we recognize them in that special bond between people and nature and we follow them up in many of our everyday habits.

Tradition is also manifested in the character of the people. They are open for change, they welcome innovation and are not afraid of the challenges that the future holds. In this part of the world you will find constant progress in the search for sustainable solutions for the future. Renewable energy and strong regional economies are the most important ingredients for the ongoing success of this area.

If you appreciate vitality, wellbeing and beauty, then you will definitely be tempted by our offer.
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